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From file cabinets to shared folders and beyond…

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Many companies scan documents and place these images along with digital content into shared folders.  One-dimensional retrievals, dependency on manual naming conventions and the absence of intelligent workflow automation, limit the upside of this approach. 

In response to a growing demand for high functioning, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, EWA Software identified Paperless Environments as best of breed for construction, real estate and other industries.  Given the fact that virtually every employee in your company interacts with paper and a wide range of digital content daily, Paperless Environments provides imaging, document management, and workflow automation tools enabling you to:

Capture all forms of content at the point of receipt (e.g. mail, email, fax, etc.).

Easily route content based on rules that work best for your company.

Integrate with critical business systems to provide lightning fast retrieval based on indexes that matter most.

chart With Paperless Environments you can begin in one department and expand to the entire enterprise.  It can integrate with all critical business systems not just one.  Workflow automation conforms to your way of doing business.  Ease of use, by all types of users, is an absolute key to success.

In practice, most companies start in one department, integrate to one business system, and focus on one or two key workflows.  For example, AP invoice routing and approval is often the beginning point because routing invoices manually is time consuming and costly.  If you begin and end with phase one, the business case will justify the initial investment in core components.  If you expand your deployment to include Human Resources or Project Management or Portfolio Management, each subsequent phase becomes an incremental investment that dramatically increases your overall ROI.

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