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Posted on: April 18th, 2013
by Chad Evenrud

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Paperless Environments User Conference Recap

EWA Software Solutions and Greenlight Compliance Solutions, LLC was honored to be a sponsor at the Paperless Environments User Conference held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  The conference gave pVault users a chance to view the upgrades featured in pVault 5 and experience the hospitality of New Orleans.  Attendees got to enjoy that famous New Orleans experience with delicious Cajon foods, drinks, comedy and of course the music; all hosted by Paperless Environments.  In addition, pVault users were given a chance to meet the developers of pVault to ask questions and give their own personal input.  The conference was nothing short of a success and we would personally like to thank both Paperless Environments and their clients for a fantastic time.      

If you missed the conference here is a recap of some of the major speakers and topics. 

Seth Dawson: President and Founding Partner of Paperless Environments

Seth led the General Sessions on the new upgrades in pVault 5.  Some of the new upgrades and features include: New application server, custom company vault logos, updated toolbar icons, user defined menu/toolbar icons, document archiving, document purging, new outlook add-in, OCR module with keyword searching and much more.  If you would like to learn more about pVault 5, please visit Paperless Environments or EWA Software Solutions! 

Paul Rice: Vice President and a Founding Partner of Paperless Environments

Paul Rice plays a key role at Paperless Environments as a programmer, support specialist and installer of pVault.  Paul led an informative session on cloud computing, what it means and how it can improve your company.  pVault users learned how they can now have their pVault system, accounting system and their entire IT system hosted “in the cloud”.             

Bruce Evenrud:  President and Founding Partner of EWA Software Solutions

Led the breakout session on compliance tracking with Greenlight Compliance Manager.  Greenlight Compliance Manager unites all paper intensive compliance procedures under one intuitive software application.  Accounting systems lack the workflows needed for proper compliance tracking and notification.  Greenlight Compliance Manager integrates with all major Accounting Systems, allowing companies to import their vendors and commitments.  Greenlight’s features include: user defined insurance/email templates, automatic email/notifications, task level security, tracks Job Specific and All Operations, unlimited vendor and tier tracking and much more.  Learn more about Greenlight by clicking here.

Michael Ragan:  President of Workflow Professionals, LCC

Mike’s breakout session talked about overcoming resistance to move beyond APFlow.  Companies that purchased pVault to administer documents for the entire company may not be using the program to its full advantage.  Mike talks about how to move outside the Account Payable Workflow and how to utilize pVault throughout different departments.  Mike explained how to overcome challenges and make Paperless users more successful.  

Steve Jordan: Co-Owner eRisk Consulting

Steve introduced his experience with integrating field technology into pVault.  Steve explained how new “web based” applications can be used to capture onsite documentation and link it to the corporate office.

Tanner Evenrud: Senior Consultant for EWA Software Solutions

Tanner’s session talked about why companies should implement paperless within their HR departments.  Some of the benefits include: cost savings, space saving, operational efficiency and ease of researching.  pVault 5 now addresses HIPPA and E-Discovery Laws for Document Archiving, Document Purging and Document Security.        

Additional Breakout Sessions:

            Doc Routing and CD+ Modules Overview

Attendees learned how the CD+ module is used to gather and export pVault files and/or files stored outside of pVault for distribution to external parties along with its own built in viewer.  Which is a great time saver for cost-plus billings, legal proceedings, or job document archiving.

            Advanced Credit Card Processing Techniques

In this session, users learned about the new features available in pVault 5 that enable them to ease their credit card processing.  They learned about importing credit card info from credit card processing services such as COMDATA, as well as advanced entry and receipt matching techniques.     

            pVault System Administration

In this two part session, attendees learned about the new administrative features in pVault 5.  Topics included: Vaults, Document, Index Types, advanced features of Document Index Routing Rules, Backfills, Query Lists, Document Archiving, Document Purging, Index Level Security, and Disaster Recovery.

We will be going over these sessions in more detail in our blog in the upcoming weeks.  If you would like to learn more about the new features in pVault 5 or Greenlight Compliance Manager feel free to give us a call at (760) 798-9700 or visit our website for more info. 


The Paperless Environment’s Team

Greenlight Compliance Solutions, LLC Gold Sponsor Booth

Greenlight Compliance Manager Breakout Session


Famous New Orleans Oysters

Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans


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