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Posted on: October 24th, 2012
by Chad Evenrud

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EWA: Here for All Your Construction software Blogging Needs

Yes, it is finally here!  EWA’s blog is up and running… so let the posting begin!  We are very excited to bring you up to date on paperless solutions and stories.  However, this blog is not just for us to inform you. Think of it as your own personal workflow automation therapist.  Here you can share you own paperless success stories, or vent to us about your paper-intensive accounting nightmares.

During these tough times of economic uncertainties, the construction and real estate industries must adapt in order to keep up to date.  We will share with you some important facts and tips that might help save your company millions.  Here you will learn about what is going on in the construction software industry and how common, everyday paper-intensive problems can be easily avoided.  EWA’s very own construction software and workflow automation guru Bruce Evenrud will be sharing his tips of the trade, along with contributions from other EWA employees.


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  1. I agree, Innovative construction accounting software plays an important role within the construction industry, and today, the majority of construction companies organize, plan and estimate project costs using a project management software solution. Construction software is the collection of programs, processes and information used to perform various tasks within the building or assembling of a structure or infrastructure as a means of increasing productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

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